Welcome to New York State

We’re Glad You’re Here

There are plenty of great reasons to shoot or post your next production in New York State and from pre-production to final cut, we will be your partner every step of the way. Whether it’s a subway shot, a historic village, a search for an award-winning vfx house or even a submarine-- we get the picture and we’ve got the goods.

First and foremost, we have one of the most successful, stable and attractive film incentives in the world. We’ve got great locations, from one-of-a-kind landmarks to unspoiled natural wonders and neighborhoods with character. We have one of the biggest talent pools on the planet and every production service you can name at your fingertips. We have over a dozen regional film offices across the state that are as dedicated to helping you produce good work as you are and state agencies and authorities who are committed to getting your job done. We will help you look beyond the obvious and connect you with any and every resource you could possibly need.

What’s more, we take full-service to the next level. In a crunch with a location search deadline? Our Locations Manager will do more than offer images and advice. In certain cases, he will get on the road and scour the State to meet the specs for your project. Need a little more background on what resources the Governor’s Office of Motion Picture and Television Development has to offer? The New York Loves Film Roadshow travels the State setting up workshops to inform veteran filmmakers and novices alike on the many programs and services available. For more information click here.

So whether you’re a feature film, tv series, documentary, webisode or commercial, come to New York State. You will be glad you did.

Incentives at-a-glance

  • $420 million/year New York State film incentive program extended through 2019
  • 30% fully refundable credit on most below the line expenses
  • Increases credit to 40% on qualified labor for certain Upstate counties beginning in 2015
  • Eliminates 75% qualifying threshold on all eligible New York State post production costs
  • Relocated talk and variety television shows now eligible (with certain qualifications)

  • For more quick facts on the tax credit program click here.
Post - Production:
  • 30% fully refundable credit on all post for films that don't shoot in New York State
  • That credit increases to 35% if post is done outside the metro region
  • That credit increases AGAIN to 45% on labor for certain Upstate counties beginning in 2015
  • VFX and Animation qualifying threshold now lowered to 20% of total VFX or Animation budget OR a minimum spend of $3 million (whichever is lower)
  • Maintains qualifying threshold for rest of post at 75%
  • Increases funding from $7 million to $25 million per year beginning in 2015